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We create a loyal community around your brand that drives sales and establishes authority in your market.


There Are 2 Ways We Can Help You

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Channel Analysis & Blueprint

We get to know your brand, your goals, your future, and overall mission. We analyze current systems and channels, discover opportunities to leverage and convert existing audiences, how to attract new audiences and adapt existing tools to maximize future opportunities, diagnose relationship cycle with current customers and how this can be improved, and assemble a map of how we’re going to maximize your marketing ROI.

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Funnel Build Out

Our team of experts build out the funnel blueprint in its entirety. Campaigns trickle on and we’re off to the races.

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Brand Awareness

We create a BUZZ in your market and garner attention by targeting ideal customers, serving them relevant content based on preferences and online behavior.

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Customer Conversion

People now NEED your product. Based on behavioral data, we retarget audiences with highly contextual, sequence-based content and begin converting customers.

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Brand Obsession & Retention

Once we bring in a new customer, we turn them into brand advocates who spread your brand’s mission. We nurture these customers to increase your LifeTime Value and establish repeat customers as a core percentage of your monthly revenue.

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Ecom Accelerator Workshop

The Ecom Accelerator Workshop is a specialised group for coaching, training and the latest news on all the marketing channels. We take our strategies, tactics, tips and tricks to take your eCommerce to the next level.

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Strategic Directional Call

Book in strategic direction call directly with Rory McGonigle, our founder, to have more direction and clarity on what you should be doing or working on to increase your revenue.

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Would you like us to create a free strategy for growing your ecommerce revenue?

Rory McGonigle   CEO, Smart eStrategy

I set aside a few hours each week to have one-on-one strategy phone calls with ecommerce professionals like you. No gimmicks. No sales pitches. Just a 45 min conversation about your business where we will map out a strategy for increasing your conversion rates and accelerating your revenue and profits.

I do a limited number of these sessions each month and they book up fast. Find a spot on my calendar by clicking below.