How the Jewelry Brand KOZAKH went from $2,264.57 a month to $148,541.07!

When we spoke to Greg, the owner of KOZAKH Jewelry, most of his revenue came from wholesale. Business was doing well but he knew that there could be more than what he was already doing. That’s when he decided to sell his jewelry online, he saw the opportunity to grow and leapt at the chance to gain a bigger audience and hit larger revenue goals. What Greg didn’t know was that selling online was a totally different beast that he had to conquer, he was unsure on “how to do it right” and wasn’t aware of how complicated it was.

Greg had a problem, he had no road map of how to make it online, no way of knowing where to start, or how to scale -- he needed help. He sought out the services of Marketing Agencies that he met at trade shows. The usual “we’ll run your marketing campaigns and shower you with sales, while you have dinner at De L'Hôtel De Ville in Switzerland” kind of pitch. It was the dream, and it stayed a dream. The agencies he hired were only able to break even on most months and lost money on the rest. Greg was stuck, he wasn’t growing or getting the results he wanted so he decided to take the matter into his own handsHe started our program in February of 2020, his sales for that month were at $2,264.57 from a previous month of $768.84.

When he started the program with us he and his team were working to optimize their site based on our recommendations form our initial website audit, we meticulously guided him every step of the way. Our initial site audit gave Greg and his team actionable items to work on in order to increase their conversion rate. Our team offered best overall practices for website optimization, had one-on-one meetings to ensure we had achievable goals set in place and work through the implementation of the site changes. a list of the things he could change, gave him best practices, held meetings, set goals, and worked with him to get the best website optimized for conversions without any testing.

Come mid-March, his website was ready for paid traffic. Now, a common misconception for paid traffic is “when we pay for this traffic we’re going to get sales immediately”. Which in most cases is not true, it takes a lot of research, testing, and consistent implementation -- the main keyword here being "testing. Over the next several weeks we worked with Greg to test creative, copy, audience variations and types, retargeting timeframes, campaign optimization and budgets, cross-sells and upsells, email campaigns and much more.When May came around, a month and a half later into our program, Greg was amazed by the results. He went from $2,264.57 in February to $23,052.53 in May. He was ecstatic -- not only was he getting sales but he was generating sales profitably!

A lot of business owners would have just wanted to maintain the sales they were getting because we all know $23,000+ is nothing to scoff at -- but our goal is for our clients to get the most out of our program as possible. We continued to guide him on how capitalize on the generated revenue through his Facebook ads and continue to scale through our compound marketing system.

The following month he doubled his sales at $52,441.46. In July he increased sales by another 26% and hit $68,351.75 in revenue. August, another 38% increase at $94,135.38. Then finally after 8 months of being in our program -- Greg has hit 6-figures in September bringing in $134,951.45.

Imagine, all this started with just barely hitting $2k in revenue in March to hitting 6-figures in monthly revenue just 8 months later and through Greg’s dedication and our program he’s now in the 6-figure club. Just to give you a visual of what Greg’s growth looks like we’ve made this fancy pants chart for you.

Greg is only one of the hundreds of clients that we’ve helped hyper-accelerate their growth online. We’ve scaled a non-profit from $3,000 to $98,000 a month in 90 days, an aftermarket truck accessories brand to $265,000 a month at a 14x return, we’ve even overwhelmed a daily themed t-shirt brand with a 14,617% revenue bump. There’s a lot we can say but why don’t you hear it from Greg himself.

We’re here to help you take control of your business, grow your revenue and give you an exact road map to get you into the 6, 7 or even 8 figure “club”, or whatever you want to call it. The only question is are you ready to scale your business? If you are, book in a Private Marketing Session with us today. The call is free, no commitments, no credit cards, no transactions. Book in your call today, what’s there to lose?

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