teeVillain Hits New Revenue Levels!

Prior to our partnership, teeVillain was struggling to stay on top of all of Facebook's changes and updates. They found themselves needing to boost most of their page posts in order to reach their audience with Facebook's limit on organic reach. This resulted in a massive decline in engagement month after month. They needed an innovative, evergreen solution to obtain steady, rapid & continuous growth! Since managing their advertising, we have increased their conversion rate by 650%, grown their revenue exponentially -- a staggering 14,617% increase -- as well as their RoAS, increasing it by 3,054%!

The Results


in revenue since our partnership began

3.97 X

Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) from Facebook Ad Campaigns


Website Conversion Rate

How We Did It:

> Facebook Advertising: Complete re-launch + scale
> Conversion Rate Optimization
> High Value lookalike audience creation
> Dynamic Product Ads
> Post-Sale loyalty campaigns

Facebook Ads Manager Results:

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