eCommerce Case Study: Off-Roading
Performance Products Company



Prior to our partnership, this off-roading performance products brand was not having any success using Facebook advertising. These are their statistics from February 8th to March 5th, the month before our partnership began:

  • Website Return on Ad Spend (RoAS): 0.97x
  • Cost Per Purchase: $408.21 per action
  • Purchases:  2 purchases
  • Purchase Conversion Value: $788
  • Purchase Conversion Rate: 0.13%
  • Average Order Value: $394


We completed a full audit of their Facebook ads manager and noted the following: 

  • No sales funnel
  • Wrong campaign objectives
  • No retargeting
  • Not baking out ads, using previously used page posts only 
  • Very low conversion rate
  • Large drop between add to carts and purchasers 

The team took time to create a complete sales funnel that would garner new sales, reclaim lost sales, and increase the RoAS, while lowering the cost per purchase. We also implemented changes to their website that would decrease the number of abandoned carts, increase the AOV, and the conversion rate. 


Once the sales funnel within Facebook ads manager was in place we began seeing substantial growth & results. The following stats are from the initial 25 days we turned our funnel on, March 6th to March 31st. The conversion rate had nearly tripled, while all other metrics had also increased, while decreasing their cost per purchase drastically. 

  • Website Return on Ad Spend (RoAS): 39.84x -> increased by 4,028%
  • Cost Per Purchase: $22 -> decreased by 94.6%
  • Purchases: 90 -> increase by 4,400%
  • Purchase Conversion Value: $78,886 -> increased by 9,991%
  • Purchase Conversion Rate: 0.37% -> Increased by 184.62%
  • Average Order Value: $877 -> increased by 122.59%
Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 4.28.41 PM.png

Bar Chart Colors:

Dark Blue: The month immediately following our agency running their Facebook ads. 
Light Blue: The month prior to our partnership

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 4.31.48 PM.png

Above Graphs Show: Website Return on Ad Spend (Top) Cost per Purchase (Bottom)

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 4.32.28 PM.png

Above Graph Shows: Website Purchases

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 4.32.55 PM.png

The above graph shows the different analytical data beginning in October 2017 thru March 2018, which was the first month that our agency began running the sales funnel on the client's Facebook ads manager. 

Southern Style OffRoad Page 1.jpg

The above graphic shows the different performance between some of the active campaigns within the sales funnel, highlighting the amount spent, revenue and RoAS. It also gives you insight into which states are converting at the highest rate, as well as a more in depth breakdown day-to-day in the month of March, starting on March 6th. 

Southern Style OffRoad Page 2.jpg

The above graphic shows a deeper dive into the data. The pie charts give us insight into which gender and age demographic are producing the most revenue from our advertisements. The top-left table gives us insight into which device is resulting in the best performance. The bottom table is allowing us to see which campaigns are performing the best, in regards to revenue, AOV, and conversion rate. This allows us to further scale, optimize and set the correct objective that will result in this company's revenue growing continuously.

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