eCommerce Case Study: Specialty
Tee-Shirt Company



This company was having major issues with revenue decreasing month over month. They were mostly boosting posts and couldn't drill down on a profitable audience. Here were some of their critical statistics prior to our partnership:

September 2017 - January 2018
(4 months prior to our partnership)

  • Amount Spent: $4,876
  • Website Purchase Conversion Value (Revenue): $5,848
  • Website Return on Ad Spend (RoAs): 1.20
  • # of Website Purchases: 310
  • Cost per Purchase (CPA) : $15.73
  • Average Order Value: $18.86
  • Website Conversion Rate: 4.1%


We completed a full audit of their Facebook ads manager and noted the following

  • No sales funnel
  • No conversion campaigns
  • The Facebook Pixel was not working correctly; therefore, not tracking any website activity. 
  • Only relying on boosted page posts to grow revenue & customer base.  


Our team created a sales funnel and began seeing results the next day. Within four months we have skyrocketed not only the number of sales, but also their revenue, average order value, website conversion rate and have generated over $100,000 in revenue through Facebook Ads alone.

After the initial month of our partnership, our client had to purchase additional machinery in order to speed up the production of their products due to the high volume of purchases we were bringing in through our sales funnel.

Road to the first $100k

Reached goal in 4 months!
February, 1st 2018 - June 1st, 2018

  • Website Purchase Conversion Value (Revenue): $105,292  --> increased by 1700%
  • Website Return on Ad Spend (RoAs): 4.00 -->  increased by 233%
  • # of Website Purchases:  5,727 --> increased by 1747%
  • Cost per Purchase (CPA) : $4.86 -->  decreased by 69%
  • Average Order Value: $19.43 --> increased by 3%
  • Website Conversion Rate: 18.5% --> increased by 351%
teeVillain Case Study › Page 1.jpg

The above graphic gives an account pulse on the first few months of our partnership. Just shy of $140,000 in revenue and we have maintained a 4 RoAS while increasing the average order value to over $21 in the past few weeks. You are also able to see the states we've found the most success with and the type o campaigns that we allocated most of our budget to.

The data above gives us insight into which device, age, gender, and campaign objectives give us higher average order values, number of purchases, and conversion rates so we can keep a strong Return on Ad Spend as we scale this client's ad spend

teeVillain Case Study › Page 2.jpg

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