Lead Generation Case Study: Tax & Accounting Niche


This company was looking to ramp up the number of leads they were getting on a monthly basis. 80% of their business was based off referrals. They had tried buying leads from 3rd parties and tested digital marketing on their own, but they had an issue with unqualified leads. It was a waste of money to generate or buy these types of leads and a waste their time getting on the phone. They wanted quality leads coming in that lead to 12 new clients per month.


We built out a multi-step lead generation funnel that weeds out unqualified leads allowing only qualified leads to book in a call. We also split test several different audiences and ad creatives to see which worked best to generate higher quality leads and for the cheapest cost.


In the beginning, we gathered feedback from the company on the quality level of the leads being generated. Then, we were able to fine-tune their funnel and fully optimize Facebook to only generate quality leads. Once our funnel was validated, we quickly ramped up to produce the number of leads they would need to close 12 new clients per month. Below you will see the stats on the first 3 months of advertising. 

Total Advertising Stats over 3 months:

  • Ad Spend: $9,947.92 ($3,315.97 per month)
  • Total Leads: 215 (71-72 leads per month)
  • Cost Per Lead: $46.27
  • Leads Closed: 41 (19% closing ratio) for their $2,997 package
  • Cost Per New Customer: $242.63
  • New Clients Per Month: 14-15 (surpassed their 12 client goal)
  • Monthly Revenue: $40,959
  • Total Revenue: $122,877
Lead Gen Case Study.png


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