Rory McGonigle, Director of Digital Strategy of Smart eStrategy

Rory McGonigle, Director of Digital Strategy of Smart eStrategy

Our Client Centric Mission Statement

"Changing our client's lives by getting their brand's products in front of the right buyers"

"We help passionate Ecommerce companies who want to make a bigger impact, reach more people, and spread their unique message through their brand.

We do this by creating a calculated investment around their marketing dollars through targeted creative and behavioral, data driven decisions.

So that they can drive predictable revenue through diversified channels while building a loyal community to create an authority in their industry."

Our Core Values

Ownership - We are self starters with strong self-motivation and drive to achieve absolute greatness. We are proactive and NOT re-active and solve problems head on. We despise inefficiencies and micro-management. We are independent and take leadership and responsibility of our time, tasks, projects and role. We are hungry for self education and taking action to implement what we’ve learned. We figure out how to get things done with limited resources.

Belief in Positive Impact - We believe in making a positive impact on the world. Our products and services change and better lives, businesses, and ourselves. All of our actions have the forethought on how can this make a greater positive impact. We show up everyday with an optimistic approach to improve and grow into better versions of ourselves.

Transparency - We maintain integrity by being honest with ourselves, our team, our clients and customers. We maintain open communication.

Team Player - We are willing to take on uncomfortable challenges to better ourselves, our team, and our company. We have a burning desire to go the extra mile to help others and put them above ourselves. We know that we can achieve 10x more as a team than individually. We treat our clients and customers as family to build an amazing community.

Be The Best - We are never satisfied by the status quo. We have an insatiable desire to learn and grow into the best version of ourselves. We understand to achieve everything we desire, we need constant improvement and growth as individuals to prepare for our future. We reflect and remain aware to stay ahead of the curve and innovate ideas to solve difficult challenges. We are never complacent and rise above challenges. We don’t expect anything; we earn it.