Southern Style OffRoad Hits New Revenue Record!

Southern Style OffRoad (SSO) partnered with us to take control of their advertising efforts while SSO could continue to focus on their USA production line and bringing new products to market.

We've seen a 670% increase in revenue from our advertising strategy, totaling over $265,477.70 in the first few months achieving a 14.84 X Return on Ad Spend. We've incorporated various strategies to increase SSO's website conversion rate, average order value, and overall brand trust & authority with new prospects.

How We Did It:
> Facebook Advertising: Complete re-launch + scale
> Multi-Stage Ad Funnel
> Facebook and Instagram Advertising
> High Value lookalike audience creation
> Sequenced Dynamic Product Ads
> Post-Sale loyalty campaigns

The Results
revenue since our partnership began
increase in Facebook + IG ad revenue

14.84 X
Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) from Facebook Ad Campaigns
increase in Website Conversion Rate
increase in Average Order Value

Facebook Ads Manager Results: 

March 6 - July 25 (W Campaigns) .png
UP TO 0.96% FROM 0.13%!

Are you ready for your revenue
to sky rocket as well?

It’s time to grow!