The Happy Givers Scales from $3k/month to $90k/month in 90 Days!

The Results
increase in Facebook + IG ad revenue

5.32 X
Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) from Facebook Ad Campaigns
increase in Website Conversion Rate
increase in Average Order Value

The Happy Givers is a non-profit that sells Christian inspired apparel and goods. They use their proceeds to help with aid and relief during natural disasters, 100% of our profits goes to our non profit. Our team was super excited to know we could help a brand scale from $3k in monthly revenue and it would result in supporting an amazing non-profit. We baked out our advanced segmented Facebook advertising funnel and implementing several pre-purchase and post-purchase up-sells to maximize and drive up the Average Order Value. Within just 90 days of our partnership, we drove the monthly run rate from $3k to $90k and are looking to surpass that within the next 90 days. 

How We Did It:
> Facebook Advertising: Complete re-launch + scale
> Conversion Rate Optimization
> High Value lookalike audience creation
> Dynamic Product Ads
> Post-Sale loyalty campaigns

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Are you ready for your revenue
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